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ZigZag Circus - Privacy Policy

ZigZag Circus has a simple privacy policy - we only collect information that you give us and we only use it for the purpose that you intended when giving it to us.

There are no cookies, trojans, viruses or any other devices such as web bugs, web beacons, pop-ups or pop-unders on this site that can track our visitors. We do not track the location or IP address of any individual visitor to this site.

Our hosting company maintains standard server logs. We do not access the raw data of these logs. The only information we use from these logs is aggregate data showing the amount of traffic in different areas of our site. This allows us to identify potential problems with the website as well as helping us to determine our bandwidth requirements. No attempt is made to identify any individual visitor.

The three main ways we collect information are:

  • Subscription If you choose to subscribe to our free mailing list then we will retain the contact details that you provide us while you remain subscribed. ZigZag Circus will only use this information to contact you with details of our activities that may be of interest to you (such as upcoming performances).
  • Direct Contact If you make direct contact with us (eg. through phone or email) then some of your details may be kept as part of our records. How this information is used will depend on how and why you contacted us.
  • Existing Customer If you buy something from us (such as tickets to a performance) then we will maintain sufficient details to complete the transaction. You will be offered the choice to subscribe to ZigZag Circus but will not be obliged to do so.

ZigZag Circus will never sell, lend or otherwise disclose your information to any third party except to government agencies as required by Australian law (this has never been required of us).

At no time will ZigZag Circus intentionally use your personal information in a way that is against your wishes.

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