ZigZag Circus (title)

Train and Perform with ZigZag Circus

There are two ways to join ZigZag Circus; as a student or as a performer .

ZigZag Circus offers circus arts classes for beginners of all ages. See our classes page for details on the difference training you can do with us.

Here's what you get as a ZigZag Circus member:

  • low cost training with experienced trainers/coaches/teachers
  • exciting performance opportunities
  • energetic, fun group
  • personal injury and public liability insurance for all ZigZag Circus training and performances

The ZigZag Circus performance troupe is selected from those who train with us so come along and have a go. If you find a circus act (or few) that you like and are good at then join us for performances.

For adult gymnastics classes, contact the Adelaide University Gymnastics Club. For children's gymnastics classes, contact the Glengowrie YMCA Gymnastics Club or Gymnastics South Australia to find a club in your area.

pyramid practice at training

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