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Welcome to the ZigZag Circus gallery. Below you will find photos of both performances and training.

Sometimes we're too busy performing to update this page as often as we like to but we generally add new pictures after performances. Newer galleries will open in a new page, older galleries are on this page.

As with all photos on this website, you are free to download, print and distribute the gallery photos for private, non-commercial use as long as you don't change the image.

You can either scroll down through the whole gallery or click on a link to jump straight to photos from a particular performance.

School Holiday Workshop - Circus Skills For Gymnasts, 16th April 2007

Alessandro, assisted by Sheree and Peter, took a group of very enthusiastic gymnasts through basic circus skills.

group photo with Alessandro and Peter
a standing wall with the whole class
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)
tissu (silks)

Children's Stilts Workshop - 11th & 18th April 2007

Two Sundays in a row working on stilts - (separate adult and childrens' classes).

Alessandro helping Tyler
Lift your knees! :-)
First steps
Tyler all by herself

Friends of Thomas the Tank Engine 2006

From July 16-23 2006 the National Rail Museum in Port Adelaide conducted their annual "Friends of Thomas the Tank Engine". Performers from ZigZag Circus joined Thomas the Tank Engine, the Fat Controller and all their friends for 9 days of entertaining children of all ages.

The girls performing a Pinnacle with Louisa at the top and Zoe having a rest
Thomas isn't the only train around...
A train act in progress
Zoe cartwheeling over Tasma

Music Box Circus

Presented as part of the Something on Saturday series, ZigZag Circus performed Music Box Circus in Her Majesty's Theatre on August 12, 2006. The initial two shows were sold out months in advance so a third show was added to cater for the demand. By the end of the very long day, the cast was very tired but very excited.

Music Box Circus cast standing out the front of Her Majesty's Theatre before the performances
Zoe opens the show
Dan dives over six girls
Contortion up high
Acrobatic Angels
Jono lifting four people in an acrobatic dragon
Swatting Spiders
Lulu on Tissu
Joel and Alex Juggling
Contorting Snakes
Tahlia as a Monkey
Alley Up
A Barrel of Monkeys

Discovering Fairyland

During the September/October school holidays, over 1500 children and their parents got dressed up and were shown around the magical grounds of Carrick Hill by the fairies. This visit was organised by Kristen Messenger from Conservation Education Services.

The Fairy Queen leading the visitors through a hedge arch
Fairy tissu
Fairy trapeze
Spinning plates
Fairy duo trapeze
Fairy duo trapeze
Unicycling through the glade
Brave fairy - or friendly dragon?
The Fairy Queen

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